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WINTERHEAT is a month long amateur radio simplex event.
The goal and purpose is for amateur radio operators to make as many contacts as possible over a month long period of time using only designated simplex frequencies.

In our fourth year, WINTERHEAT has grown from 150 participants the first year to over 1,000 registered participants in 2022. You can help make WINTERHEAT an even bigger success this year by helping us spread the word about the event. Mention the event on your local Nets, post information to your local amateur radio social media pages or simply telling a couple of your amateur radio friends at a club meeting.

To assist in promoting WINTERHEAT we have created a Promotion and Operating Guide in PDF format

Every little bit helps to continue the growth of the event.

Feel free to join the Ham Active Facebook Group to keep up to date as we prepare for WH2023

For more information please see the WINTERHEAT INFO page.

Ryan Runyon (KC9OZA) has created a basic video giving an overview of the logging system CLICK HERE to watch the video.

About the QSO logging system:

The WH Logger system is an over-the-web that logs contacts instantaneous and displays the data in real time. This custom built system eliminates the need to submit QSO logs after the completion of the event.

Additionally, this system not only provides general event statistics but personalized individual stats as well.
To provide a visual representation, the QSO logging system also provides geo-mapping that displays users general location and all contacts made using a starburst map.There is also a custom starburst map that shows all of your individual contacts made.




This in-house system is truly one of a kind and to the best of our knowledge, WINTERHEAT is the only event that provides up-to-date, real-time event data.

The logging system is made available to all registered participants prior to the event so they have an opportunity take the system for a test drive so as to become familiar with the system prior to the event start. All test data is then removed a few days prior to the event in preparation of the start of the event.


There are currently 1276 registered participants for WINTERHEAT 2023.


  • Registered Participants: 1,070
  • Total Contacts Made: 134,445
  • States With Contacts Made: 28

  • Average Contact Per Day: 4,336
  • Average Contacts Per Hour: 180

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